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7 Things To Consider When Creating A Facebook Business Page

By November 3, 2011April 15th, 2018General Updates

Has your company or organization decided to build a Facebook Business Page? Are you concerned with how to implement Facebook into your company?

At Mackoul & Associates, we created a facebook business page about two years ago and so far it has served us well. We’ve used it as another way to connect with clients, employees and colleagues. Social media, such as our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, has served us as useful communication tools to inform people about their insurance and during emergencies such as Hurricane Preparedness. Recently, we have added some fun using Facebook as a way to start contests.

*Facebook is not connected to the contests in any way.

What if your phone system crashes?
We can use social media to communicate this to clients.

What if your computer system crashes?
Smart phones now give us the opportunity to communicate to clients by posting a status update on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.

What if your office is unexpectedly closed due to an emergency?
Using our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, we can now communicate this in a place that can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection or Smart Phone.

7 Things To Consider When Creating A Facebook Business Page:

  1. Make sure everyone in your organization is on the same page and aware of your overall strategy. Do not create Facebook Business Page without the approval of upper management.
  2. Discuss who will be assigned to manage and maintain the site. Will one person be responsible for maintaining the site or will this be assigned to a team? Should everyone in your organization have access to Facebook during business hours or just a select few?
  3. Create a strategy: How often will you post? What content will you post? What is the purpose of your Facebook Business Page?
  4. Don’t underestimate the time involved in maintaining your Facebook Business Page. Communicate with management as your fan base and interaction increases.
  5. Train everyone who maintains the site to maintain consistency even if a team member is absent.
  6. Develop a Facebook policy for the team, and employees in general. What can be posted to your Facebook Business Page? Advise employees on the consequences of posting certain things on their personal pages, especially if they are making this information public.
  7. Reevaluate what is working and what is not working in your overall strategy. Reform your strategy to reflect your observations.

Every business is unique and can utilize and benefit from a Facebook Business Page in different ways. How has your business utilized Facebook (or how do you plan to utilize Facebook in the future?). Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

The world is changing and communication is progressing faster than you can imagine. With over 800 million active users on Facebook, can your business afford to ignore this social platform?

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