5 tips for throwing a holiday party…and keeping your in-building neighbors happy!

By December 18, 2016 April 15th, 2018 Personal Protection
5 Tips for Throwing a Holiday Party...And Keeping Your In-Building Neighbors Happy!

Tis’ the season for glitter, champagne toasts & cheer!

As we round out 2016 (yes, we can’t believe it either) many of us are welcoming 2017 with high hopes, new year’s resolutions and of course, attending a big, Big Bash! If you’re planning on hosting one, and live in a condominium or co-op, there are several things to consider to keep your partygoers and in-building neighbors mutually happy.

1. Be reasonable about the noise and the hour.

  • Review the ByLaws or governing documents for any noise restrictions, especially after midnight.
  • Be considerate and make sure speakers or any hired musicians are away from windows and shared walls.

2. Tell your neighbors about your party.

  • Let your condo or co-op neighbors know about your party plans a week in advance.
  • Prepare them for more traffic in the halls and more noise than usual.

3. Give your doorman a list of guests.

  • Many doorman buildings require a list of guests to be announced.
  • This will keep everyone in the building safe and restrict any unexpected party crashers.

4. As the host, you are responsible for your guests.

  • If a drunken guests gets too loud and decides to pull the fire alarm, that will ultimately be your problem.
  • You could potentially face fines and may have issues with the board for any intoxicated or disruptive behavior.

5. Review your lease for any carpeting provisions.

  • If you think the neighbors below you may complain, make sure you have adequate additional flooring to help soften the noise.
  • You may need to reduce the sound after a certain time of the night as to not disturb any neighbors.

Remember to review the bylaws or governing documents which should outline the do’s & don’ts of hosting an event in the building. May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace and love with loved ones.

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