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4 Warning Signs of High-Risk Tenants

By December 8, 2014April 15th, 2018Business Protection
4 Warning Signs of High-Risk Tenants

If you are a landlord, you may assume checking a potential tenant’s bank and credit information, references, and work history would be all you would need to do to determine whether that person would be a good tenant. While these are good ways to filter out some of the bad apples, there are additional warning signs to be weary of. Take a look at our 4 Warning Signs of High Risk Tenants.

Multiple Jobs

Beware if the potential tenant had many jobs during the last year or the last two years. Be weary of those potential tenants that recently became self employed as well, because you want to make sure your new tenant will be financially stable enough to pay their monthly bills.

Inconsistent Information

Closely watch for change in a tenant’s info at the beginning and end of the application process.  Often there can be subtle changes so as to hide important credit or criminal information during the screening process.

Multiple Homes

Look further into candidates that have moved frequently over the last couple of years. This may be a sign that they are not the most stable tenant.

People That Never Lived Together

If potential tenants have never lived together before, you may look at this as a warning sign.

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